I Don't Understand...Why Do I Need a Title *BEEP*
Yes the shipping name is a real problem. Like, what I've heard before is 'best enemies' and frenemies as proposals but yeah...

yeah i’ve heard that one too. and i know tensimms is a big one, but RPS gets mixed in it a lot. what happens if you look at the best enemies tag on tumblr?

*does it*


that was depressing. 

i always make a point to tag any shippy posts in “master x doctor” personally. 

but then a lot of people usurp that by using “doctor x master” 

if tumblr would just let us track backslashes this wouldn’t be a problem at all. ><

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    I discover a new tag for that ship every day
  2. thetenthdoctah said: can we just call it timecock
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